4. Increase environmental awareness in Spain and elsewhere about biodiversity and conservation.

5. Ensure the conservation and preservation of endangered habitats/ecosystems in Spain.

6. Convince leaders (decision and policy makers) of the importance of biodiversity and of its protection.

• Funding Strategy 2014-2017 •

1. Online individual and company donations

2. Business & Biodiversity Scheme (B2B)

3. Funding from foundations and other organisations
    (i.e. both public and private)

4. Fundraising events for B2B

5. Fundraising events for B2C

• Conservation Strategy 2014-2017 •

1. Attract and get Spanish and foreign investors to support the conservation of
    endangered species and habitats in the Mediterranean

2. Become a leading institution in biodiversity conservation in Spain and in the
     Mediterranean region

3. Ensure the efficient and adequate implementation of conservation legislation.



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