Women as an engine of change and development in rural Morocco.

The Al Hoceima province, located in northern Morocco hosts a significant amount of both terrestrial and marine biodiversity and it has great economic potential in ecotourism. In this region, 5 out of 10 women in urban areas are illiterate, while in rural areas only one in ten women can read and write. These women work either at home or in the field, as shepherds and as herders, jobs for which they are not paid. The objective of this project, which is being carried out in collaboration with the organisation Azir pour l´Environnement, is to strengthen the women of Al Hoceima both economically and socially, by enabling them through their own endeavours to become self-sufficient through the creation of a cooperative for the growing of their own produce and through the implementation of agricultural practices that promote the protection of biodiversity (i.e. non-intensive and sustainable farming practices that encourage the planting of native plant species).

AZIR (Alhucemas, Morocco) -

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