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the Earth




Environmental education is an essential tool in the battle to reverse the current trend of biodiversity loss and the most effective way to durably change attitudes and perceptions to teach and increase children´s awareness about biodiversity conservation. Most children nowadays live in the city and have little or no access to nature. Eco de la Tierra – Eco of the Earth would like to take advantage of the UN International Decade on Biodiversity 2010-2020 to promote and develop urban biodiversity and sustainability. Through our EcoKit environmental education programme, we will make children living in urban areas more aware of the importance of conserving the urban biodiversity that surrounds them. We will achieve this out via a strong

and effective outreach campaign in elementary schools of 8 municipalities encompassing the

Curso Medio del Río Guadarrama Regional Park of Madrid, Spain, and the creation of an education tool - EcoKit - to increase the awareness of biodiversity conservation among

children living in urban areas.