Vision: A healthy sustainable planet that respects and preserves all forms of life and ecosystems.

Mission: Eco of the Earth is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of endangered species and habitats of the Mediterranean region.

Who we are and what we do:

Eco of the Earth is based in Spain and is dedicated to the biodiversity and ecosystem conservation of the Mediterranean region. We are an interdisciplinary team and believe that innovation is the key to success to achieve our ambitions and

objectives. We welcome all new and novel ideas, and are eager to collaborate in new projects with both individuals and institutions, who share our vision, besides publicizing the efforts of others.

We recognise that these are hard times for the Mediterranean region, especially

for publicly-funded scientific research and innovation with science budgets and grants drastically reduced. We however consider that this provides the opportunity for private organisations and companies to “invest” in environmental programmes and to get the rewards from public recognition of their commitment and
contribution to the conservation of one of the world´s most endangered ecosystems and biodiversity.

Our contributors:

Chelonia (Madrid, Spain) – 

Reforesta (Madrid, Spain) –

CBD Habitat (Madrid, Spain) – 



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